Mothers of Grace

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Motherhood is a privilege and a great opportunity to make your own contribution in this life. Motherhood is not a position but a function. Not everyone who bears a child is a Mother. Motherhood is an office occupied by one who deliberately takes on the responsibilities and functions with the prerequisite anointing. There is an anointing to be a MOM!

Every generation is a reflection of the kinds of mothers in that generation.

Prov 1:8, 6:20-23
-Herodias Mk6:21-24
– Rebecca Gen27:3-13
– King Lemuel’s Mother Prov31:1

Teachers are instructors, explainers, encouragers, trainers, coaches
Nurturers are gardeners, groomers, tenderers
Influences are mentors, coaches, examples and inspirations

As a mother catch God’s vision for your children and train them in line with what God showed you. Remember Rebecca (Gen25), Mary ( Lk1) and Samson’s mother (Judges13).

Teach your children
– to love God, fear God and serve God
– to pray and read scriptures
– Tell them about eternal destinies (Heaven and Hell)
– Preach the Gospel to them
– to honour God’s people and servants

Teach them
– to respect people, things and boundaries
– to keep their hands to themselves
– to be generous
– about balance in life
– to make right choices
– to be honest and sincere no matter what
– to fear none but God
– to say NO when necessary
– to be contented and NEVER you cater to their covetousness

– Give them enough love and hugs so they are secure
– Apologise when you offend them
– Be their friend yet be their coach. Let them know you are in charge
– teach them to love their siblings and kill every jot of sibling rivalry with prayer and use every available arsenal
– teach boys NEVER to beat girls and teach girls to have tongues of grace

Teach them
– to love their country and be proud of their nation
– your language which is your national identity
– to respect national laws and obey them
– your culture

Dr Phil McGraw says
“The most important things you should feel compelled to give your children are protection, preparation for the world and love. Everything else is a luxury. ”

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